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Freezer Bison Bundle

Freezer Bison Bundle

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Are you looking for a deal but don't have much freezer space? This is for you!

The Freezer Box of Bison contains 20 pounds of premium Authentic American Bison, including the following:

1.5 pounds of  Bison New York Strip Steaks (2-3 steaks)

1.5 pounds of  Bison Top Sirloin Steaks (2-3 steaks)

4 Pounds of Bison Chuck Roast (2 roasts)

2 Pounds of Bison Stew Meat (2 packages)

1½ - 2 Pounds of Bison Osso Buco (Soup Bones) (1 Package 2 per package)

9 Pounds of Ground Bison (9 packages)

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