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Why Choose Authentic American Bison™?

Bison are not buffalo, though folks frequently use the words interchangeably. Buffalo are native to Asia and Africa. American bison are native only to North America. The difference between the two animals? Bison have beards. They also have humps on their shoulders and larger heads than buffalo.

Reduced to near extinction, American bison now thrive once again across the United States. Memphis Ranch Meat Company in Northern Colorado takes pride in our dedication to help restore the animal, restore the land, restore the people. We are also proud of our commitment to provide you with Authentic American Bison™ meat that is a cut above all the rest when it comes to your health and the reduction of harmful environmental impacts.

Grass-fed bison is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, and also lower in calories. And because bison spend nearly their entire lives grazing on natural lands, they enjoy a more natural diet than grain-fed cattle that are raised on feedlots.

Besides being a healthier source of meat protein than beef—and even fish and chicken—bison also provide benefits to the lands where they graze and to the animals that live alongside them. Our ranch is precisely the kind of grassland that has sustained the American bison since their arrival on the continent almost 200,000 years ago. And because of their selective feeding habits and their tendency to roam and stir up the soil, which promotes new growth and makes bison a better choice ecologically than beef.

Memphis Ranch Meat Company is a family-owned and operated ranch. It is our pleasure to provide the finest cuts of bison you can get anywhere along the Colorado Front Range. From Cheyenne to Colorado Springs, we deliver our quality meats right to your doorstep in insulated boxes. If you happen to be near our little piece of paradise, you can set up an appointment for an onsite purchase. Check out our selection of premium cuts and fill up your online cart today, and we’ll get the best tasting meat you’ve ever had headed your way!

Do you like to Cook?

Brace your taste buds and prepare an exceptional experience! Authentic American Bison has less fat, but superior flavor. Prepare for culinary journey that there is no return.

Bison.Kitchen is our growing library of bison cooking How To's and Recipes. 

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