About Us

We are first-generation ranchers pursuing restoration and generosity. Memphis Ranch is veteran-owned and operated. It was started six years ago by my wife and me, an accountant and IT professional. My wife was raised on a farm, but I had no background in agriculture. We were supported and surrounded by many experienced and knowledgeable people. For several years visited ranches, asked a lot of questions, and tried to figure this out. And the day came when we bought land, and a few months later, animals arrived. And now here we are, living out the dream.  

 The American Bison is our national mammal, but in the late 1800s, the bison were nearly extinct. It was through the efforts of private ranchers, like us, the population has been restored to 500,000.  

Our business motto is "Restore the Animal. Restore the Land. Restore the People." We are raising grass-fed and grass-finished bison meat. We have implemented holistic practices to manage the grazing of our bison to improve the health of the soil. As humans, we are connected to our animals and our land.  With healthy animals and healthy land, we produce a very healthy product which is beneficial to our health and all those who consume it.   

 Six years ago we started by selling our Authentic American Bison meat in one farmer's market. In 2021 we participated in 90 farmer's markets in 5 different locations. We also took the major leap to start shipping our frozen products all over the United States.  

Were are very active in the National Bison Association, The Dakota Territory Buffalo Association, and the Rocky Mountain Bison Association. Were have served these organizations in different capacities including Committee Chair, Board Member, and Treasure. 


Veteran Owned and Operated

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