Bison Mississippi Pot Roast

Bison Mississippi Pot Roast

The Mississippi Pot Roast originated in the southern United States and is typically made with beef chuck roast. However, using bison meat adds a unique twist to this classic recipe. Bison is leaner and has a slightly sweeter, richer taste than beef, making it a healthier and tastier choice.

This one-pot dish version of this popular recipe does not use seasoning packets. Who knows what may be lurking in those! As mentioned above, a chuck roast is often used, but I like using a bone-in arm roast for more flavor and the resulting bone broth. The cubed roast is first seared in the Instant Pot and then cooked on high pressure for 75 minutes. The meat is tender and falls apart easily.

The result is a delicious and hearty meal that will satisfy your cravings. The bison meat is juicy and tender, and the broth is rich and flavorful. The tangy and sweet flavor of the peppers perfectly balances the savory taste of the meat.
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