New York Strip

New York Strip

All bulk sales are sold by quarters. If a half or whole is desired, order 2 or 4 quarters.

The quarters are divided by the numbers. A quarter will be 25% of all cuts.

To get an idea of what to expect, following are approximate numbers from previous harvests:

Steaks - 24%

Bavette, Filet Mignon, Flank, Flatiron, New York Strip, Ribeye, Skirt, Top Round, Top Sirloin

Roasts - 27%

Arm, Chuck, Pikes Peak, Pot, Rump, Soup Bones, Stew Meat, Tri-Tip

Etcetera - 10%

Bones, Brisket, Short Ribs

Ground - 39%

 The price of a quarter is $13 per pound and is about 90-100 pounds. Four or more quarters is $12 per pound. The total for a quarter will be about $1300 and a whole (4 quarters) will be about $4800.