Bison Picanha Roast


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The Bison Picanha Roast is a premium cut that will please the most discerning carnivores. This lean, juicy roast is cut from the top sirloin cap of the bison and is renowned for its intense flavor and tender texture. Our Bison Picanha Roast is grass-fed and hormone-free, making it a perfect choice for a truly unique and healthy dining experience. We recommend that you cut this roast into thick steaks to ensure a juicy and succulent bite, and its robust flavor will leave you with a one-of-a-kind steak experience. Enjoy this premium roast as the centerpiece of your next meal, and you won't regret it!

All of our cuts come from our pasture raised and 100% grass-fed, Authentic American Bison™. Processing and dry-aging take place in a local USDA-inspected facility to ensure maximum quality. Each bison steak is vacuum sealed in heavy-duty, food-safe plastic that prevents freezer burn and helps maintain its moisture and richness.