Thornton, CO

About an hour and a half north from Thornton, bison graze the natural grasslands of Memphis Ranch Meat Company on the Colorado prairie. We have 100% Authentic American Bison™, which turns out to be the finest tasting meat you’ll ever put on your plate. Bison is also a healthier and more nutritious source of protein than beef, fish, pork, and chicken. Bison meat is substantially lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol.

We’re a family-owned and operated ranch. Our bison (they are not buffalo!) enjoy 80 acres of free-range grazing; they spend their entire lives thriving in the same natural prairie environment that has sustained them for 200,000 years. Memphis Ranch bison are never fed grain like the animals raised on feedlots. And that’s why our bison tastes so delicious!

We offer a large selection of bison meat for sale in boxes that contain specific quality cuts, or you can fill a box with assorted cuts—New York strip steaks, top sirloin, ribeye, T-bone, flank, flatiron steaks, and many other premium cuts. You can also select boxes of savory fajita strips, stew meat, chuck roast, or ground bison to be delivered to Thornton. If your freezer has the room, we offer large boxes of assorted cuts of 100% Authentic American Bison™, boxes big enough to completely fill your freezer!

From Cheyenne, Wyoming, all the way down the Front Range to Colorado Springs, we deliver our savory meats like bison steak, roast, sausage and ground meat directly to Thornton, straight to your front door, frozen in insulated boxes. If you want to get a gander at our beautiful prairie ranch, you can set up an appointment to make an in-person purchase.

We are confident that once you taste the difference in our meat, you'll be hooked on the wonderful flavor of 100% Authentic American Bison™. Our cuts of meat taste so scrumptious because we stand by our commitment to raise our bison in their natural habitat with a natural grassland diet: to "Restore the Animal. Restore the Land. Restore the People." Select your assortment of cuts of our local bison meat for sale and we’ll ship to Thornton! Or, order a box as a gift for a friend or relative today!