Phoenix Bison Meat for Sale

Bison, native to North America, once grazed freely from the northern grasslands of Arizona all the way to just east of the Mississippi. Estimated at nearly 40 million head in the 19th century, they teetered on the brink of extinction by the early 20th century. Since then, conservation efforts and the formation of the American Bison Society in 1905 helped secure the survival of the American bison. Today 30,000 bison graze public and private lands in national park and conservation programs. Another half-million are raised as livestock in ranches across the United States.

Memphis Ranch Meat Company adopted the motto "Restore the Animal. Restore the Land. Restore the People" to become a part of the preservation efforts that will keep the American bison grazing their natural prairie grasslands well into the future. We raise our animals according to the stipulations that allow us to claim we raise and sell only 100% Authentic American Bison™. Once you’ve tasted our premium cuts of Colorado bison meat, you won’t want any other kind of meat. We offer top-notch bison meat with delivery to Phoenix that includes steaks, roast & sausage delivered to your door. Family-owned and operated ranch in northern Colorado

Bison meat is lower in cholesterol, calories, and fat than beef, and is a healthier source of protein than even fish, chicken and pork. Our entire herd is grass-fed and grass-finished, grazing natural grasslands just as they have for nearly 200,000 years. We never feed them grain. We won’t raise “industrial” stock. And because they feed selectively, fertilize and stir up the soil, they are a better ecological choice over animals raised in feedlots.

Our savory selections of bison meat boxes arrive at your Phoenix doorstep, delivered frozen in insulated boxes that will keep your bison meat safe on the porch until you get home from work. You can fill your bison boxes with single premium cuts, or you can assemble an assortment from our flavorsome menu of top sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, flank, flatiron, and T-bone steaks. You can treat yourself to boxes of savory ground bison, chuck roast, fajita strips, stew meat, bison brats, and snack sticks. We’ll even deliver a box to your Phoenix home  with enough bison meat to completely fill your freezer!

Browse our selections and order your boxes of bison online today. And while you’re at it, order gift boxes for your friends and family!