Colorado Springs Bison Meat for Sale

More than a century ago, excessive commercial hunting and slaughter decimated the population of the American Bison. The population was reduced from an estimated 40 million head to less than 1,000 individual animals. Bison, the keystone species of the plains ecosystem, stood on the brink of extinction. But in 1905, American zoologist William Hornaday, with direct support from then-U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, formed the American Bison Society to preserve the magnificent, native symbol of the American Prairie. As a result of their efforts and those of many others, the population rebounded over the course of the twentieth century. On May 19, 2016, the American Bison was officially designated as our national mammal.

No longer in danger from extinction, bison can now be found on many ranches across the western grasslands of America. Because of the requirements for raising Authentic American Bison™, ranched bison meat has become a prime cut above the rest—lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than beef, and even healthier than fish, chicken, and pork.

Memphis Ranch Meat Company offers a delectable assortment of bison meats to Colorado Springs, which can be delivered frozen in insulated boxes right to your front door. We offer boxes of your favorite cuts, including T-bone, top sirloin, flatiron and New York strip steaks, along with many other premium cuts. You can also order boxes with a selection of cuts, and even ground bison, stew meat, fajita strips, and chuck roast. If you have a freezer, we’ll even ship you a 400-lb box—that’s a whole bison! And for the holidays, you can send boxes of 100% Authentic American Bison™ to your friends and family as gifts. We have bison meat and offer delivery to Colorado Springs - steak, roast & sausage delivered to your door. 

Memphis Ranch Meat Company is a family-owned and -operated ranch in northern Colorado. Our bison are not buffalo (which are native to Asia and Africa). We raise our animals according to the stipulations for Authentic American Bison™, spending their entire lives naturally grazing 80 acres of free-range grassland—the same natural prairie environment that bison have held together for the past 200,000 years. Memphis Ranch bison never taste grain, unlike feedlot animals. And that’s why our bison tastes better than any other meat you’ll ever eat! Order your box of bison meat to your Colorado Springs home, online today!