Authentic American Bison™ Meats in Fort Collins

Not to be confused with buffalo, which live in Africa and Asia, the animals that graze our fields are Authentic American Bison™, which are native to North America. Our ranch is dedicated to offering you a variety of bison meat for sale in Fort Collins including steaks, roasts, sausages and ground meats that are head and shoulders above what you’ll find on other ranches.

American bison were brought to near extinction in the late 1800s, but since the turn of the 20th century, government efforts and sustainable ranching methods have rescued these majestic animals from complete annihilation. Today, there are roughly 500,000 bison in North America, including wild bison and ranch-owned bison. Memphis Ranch Meat Company—just up the road from Fort Collins—is proud to be part of that success to restore the animal, restore the land, and restore the people.


Bison is a healthier meat source than beef, pork, chicken, and fish—it’s higher in protein, iron, and vitamin B12, and is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol than beef and pork. The higher nutritional value is due largely to the USDA standards and humane ranching practices that define the way bison are raised. Our bison have minimal human contact and spend their lives grazing natural grassland, not cornfed in a densely packed feedlot. And because bison have selective eating behaviors, they constantly roam, which stirs up the soil, which in turn promotes new growth that benefits the land and the birds and animals that share the natural habitat.

Family owned and operated in northern Colorado, Memphis Ranch Meat Company provides the most savory meats you’ll find anywhere along the Colorado Front Range. From Cheyenne, Wyoming, to the foothills of Colorado Springs, you can order an insulated box of our delicious bison products delivered right to your doorstep. We also mail order our bison boxes anywhere in the United States. From Fort Collins our bison meat is for sale on site with an appointment and is just 35 minutes away. 

Treat your family and friends to the savory taste of bison. Fill up your online cart with a selection of our finest bison cuts, ground round, sausages, and ribs. We’ll pack the boxes and send them your way!