Authentic American Bison™ Meats in Denver

You don’t see a lot of bison roaming East Colfax Avenue or Larimer Street in Denver, but that’s all right. Bison aren’t supposed to live in the city. Here at Memphis Ranch Meat Company in northern Colorado, our 100% Authentic American Bison™ are free to graze acres of natural grassland, which automatically makes them a healthier source of meat over beef, chicken, pork, and fish—and we deliver insulated boxes of savory, nutritious bison meat right to your front door in downtown Denver.

We offer a hefty selection of boxes with specific single steak cuts or meats, or you can order boxes with a delicious sampling of our bison meat right to your doorstep in Denver including stew meat, lean ground round, sausages, roasts, and jerky. We also have bison brats and fajita strips. If you want to fill a freezer with a complete assortment of our cuts—ribeyes, sirloins, flanks, brisket— we offer several options that we will deliver in late November or early December, just in time to hunker down for the winter.

We hand deliver our bison boxes to all points between Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Colorado Springs. And if you live farther south or on the other side of the Continental Divide—or even in another state—we can ship our bison boxes next-day air nationwide, which means you can enjoy our bison even if you live in New Hampshire. For special occasions or over the holidays, a box filled with an assortment of our premium cuts and other meat selections offers a wonderful gift idea. Your meat order will arrive frozen to your doorstep, so we recommend you unpack your box of bison into the freezer shortly after it arrives.

Bison are not buffalo, and here at Memphis Ranch Meat Company, we feel exceptional pride in being able to offer 100% Authentic American Bison™ and to play a role that helps to restore the animal, restore the land, and restore the people. We take pleasure in providing the success of that story to you. Place your order for a box of bison today!