Premium Steak Box of Bison

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Treat yourself to an exquisite gourmet experience with our Premium Steak Box of Bison. Our package offers you sixteen bison steaks that are sure to impress your family and friends. Their all-natural and humanely raised bison steaks will provide you with an aroma and flavor unlike any other. Rich in flavor, and tender in texture, get ready to tantalize your tastebuds with the amazing flavor of Authentic American Bison™. Our 100% grass-fed bison steaks are also healthier and lower in fat, making them the perfect choice for a healthier and tastier meal. This Premium Steak Box of Bison is sure to be a hit with meat connoisseurs everywhere!

The Premium Steak Box of Bison contains the following:
Bison Filet Mignon
1 Tomahawk Steak
Bison Ribeye Steak
Bison New York Steaks
Bison Top Sirloin Steaks

All of our cuts come from our pasture raised and 100% grass-fed, Authentic American Bison™. Processing and dry-aging take place in a local USDA-inspected facility to ensure maximum quality. Each bison steak is vacuum sealed in heavy-duty, food-safe plastic that prevents freezer burn and helps maintain its moisture and richness.

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