Quarter Bison Reservation

Quarter Bison Reservation

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A quarter bison package weighs 100 pounds. You will receive a complete assortment of cuts including filets, ribeyes, strips, sirloins, skirts, flanks, flat irons, round,  brisket, short ribs, soup bones, stew meat, chuck roast, rump roast and one-pound packages of ground.

The price is $13.00 per finished pound. The total for a quarter is $1300.

All meat is from grass-fed and grass-finished bison and is processed at a USDA inspected facility. The cuts are frozen in individual vacuum-sealed packaging.

Delivery will be late in November or early December. Delivery is free but limited to the area between Cheyenne, WY and Colorado Springs, CO.

The balance of the payment will be due upon delivery. We accept cash and credit cards. No checks.

More details here.

Email us with any further questions.