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4 Health Benefits from Bison

October 21, 2021

The overindulgence in red meat has been proved quite unhealthy for human health. While it’s disappointing for red meat lovers, we have found the perfect substitute for you to continue pursuing your fondness for red meat. We’re talking about bison meat.

Apart from being distinctively sweet and rich, bison is far more beneficial for health than regular meat. Memphis Ranch has listed the top four health benefits below. Let’s get to know them.

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Improves Heart Health

A Nutrition Research study states that replacing beef or hamburger meat with bison meat lowers your chances of developing clogged arteries and keeps your triglyceride levels in check. It also has lower cholesterol levels.

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Boosts Energy

Bison is a rich source of B vitamins and proteins. Hence, consuming it on a sluggish day can boost your energy levels. It supports metabolic functions within the body and takes care of your physical and mental health.

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Strengthens Immune System

Bison meat is power-packed with zinc that is essential for your immune system. It helps in regulating cellular functioning. Moreover, it can repair tissues throughout the body and rejuvenate hair and skin cells.

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Fewer Calories, More Protein

Bison is lean meat and has fewer calories and fat than traditional red meat. A 100g of bison meat gives you 109 calories, while the same quantity of beef has 291 calories. Since it has a high protein count, it is suitable for a post-workout meal. 

Apart from these, Bison meat is also known to promote good eye health and can help you fight against inflammation. You see, the list goes on and on.

Bison meat lies on a good rank on the health chart, and we don’t see why it doesn’t deserve to be a regular at your dining table. Memphis Ranch delivers bison meat all over the Northern Colorado areas. Visit our website to get delivery right at your doorstep.

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